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Wochenabschnitt: Chol HaMoed Sukkot, Ex 33:12- 34:26. u. Num 29:26-28

ב“ה 18./19.Tishrei 5782                                         24./25 September 2021   Schabbateingang in Jerusalem: (Kerzenzünden)             17:53 Schabbatausgang in Jerusalem:                                        19:08 Schabbateingang in Zürich:                                               19:01 Schabbatausgang in Zürich:                                              20:03 Schabbateingang in Wien:                                                18:30 Schabbatausgang in Wien:                                                19:32 Dieser Schabbat fällt in die sieben Tage von Sukkot, es ist also… Weiterlesen ›

The road ahead

The new government will have its hands full with immediate problems, but fundamental reforms are also urgent. By Dr. Norman Bailey, published on June 9th here 29. Siwan 5781 „His downfall…resulted from the smallness of a big leader who knew so… Weiterlesen ›

Israel’s perfect storm

13. Siwan 5781 By Norman Bailey, first published here on May 23rd 2021 The disasters that have befallen Israel in the past two years all point to the absolute necessity of forming a functioning government. Israel entered 2019 feeling very good about… Weiterlesen ›

Joe Biden and Israel

29. Nissan 5781 After just two-and-a-half months, it is clear that, for Israel, the Biden administration will be a repeat of the Obama administration. By Dr. Norman Bailey, first published on April 11th by Globes It is only two and a half months… Weiterlesen ›